9th Annual Black Marriage Day RVA 2015

Black Marriage Day 2015
9th Annual Black Marriage Day
March 28, 2015
Trinity Family Life Center (Solomon Court Rm)
3601 Dill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23222

March 28, 2015 will be the ninth annual Black Marriage Day in Richmond, Virginia.  Black Marriage Day was developed by Nisa Muhammad of Wedded Bliss Inc. in Washington DC in 2001 and is now celebrated in over 300 cities and communities. 

Marriage Doesn’t Belong Solely to the Couple, but to the Community is an event sponsored by Umoja Temple.  This year we will be celebrating Black Marriage Day with focus group discussions.  The focus groups will cover the following topics:

  • Effective Parenting- Come sit in a round table discussion with other parents as we share goals and strategies toward raising healthy thriving children and building the communities necessary to support their growth. 
  • Family Development and Nationbuilding- What does it take to develop family? Come discover how to establish and connect to African traditions to strengthen your family bonds, build a strong community and affect social change. 
  • Single Black and Committed-Family in the African context is husband, wife and children. What happens if you are unmarried? What kind of contribution can you make to the community as a single person?  Can you be fulfilled within community without a mate? Come join the discussion to share, ask questions,  and hear some wisdom from elders.

Why Black Marriage Day? Black married couples make more money, our kids do better in school, and marriage rescues families from poverty, children are less likely to go to jail, or become teen parents and get divorced.  In 1960, 61 percent of African Americans were married; today the rate hovers at a dismal 31 percent. When families do better communities do better. It’s time for change!

The event is free of charge, and is open to singles, widowed, married couples, divorced, dating couples and anyone who is interested in discussing healthy relationships.  
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