8th Annual Black Marriage Day RVA 2014

Black Marriage Day (www.blackmarriageday.com), is dedicated to celebrating the institution of marriage within our community. Instituted by Nisa Muhammad of Wedded Bliss Inc in 2001 (www.weddedblissinc.com), Black Marriage Day is now celebrated in over 300 cities and neighborhoods around the country.  Marriage belongs to the community, not solely to the couple. In communities where marriages are healthy and successful property values are higher, there are better schools, lower crime rates and the people are healthier. In communities where the divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate and marriages fail to happen, lower property values, poorer schools, crime, health concerns, and many other risk factors abound. Communities have a responsibility to help change the culture of marriage by encouraging organizational collaborations between community groups and institutions of faith, celebrations that increase the value of marriage and courses that provide services to strengthen marriages.

This year marks the 8th Annual Celebration of Black Marriage Day in Richmond, Virginia.  Umoja Temple and Culture 4 My Kids partner to host a screening of the film Still Standing. Along with the screening will be a discussion relating to issues raised in the film.  8th Annual BMDRVA will be held March 29, 2014 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Main Richmond Library at 101 E. Franklin Street, Richmond VA.  The event is free of charge, light refreshments will be provided and donations will be accepted.  Donations will benefit Culture4MyKids and Umoja Temple's Fahodi Shule. Married couples, singles, dating couples and teens (13 and up) are welcome. However, discussions will be covering many adult themes so please consider your smaller children as well as the other attendees when making childcare plans.

Even though the event is free pre-registration is recommended as seats are limited. Please click here in order to pre-register. Seating the day of the event will be first come first serve.  

Our discussion will include topics like:

  • Surviving Infidelity
  • Blended Families
  • Family Financial Crises
  • Spouse with Chonic Illness

. . .and more

The film features:

  • Speech from Arrested Development 
  • Kindred the Family Soul

. . .and more

Come on out and join with other couples and individuals who have an interest in marriage and family.  We are our own best resource. Come out enlighten others and be enlightened.  We will see you at the 8th Annual Black Marriage Day RVA on March 29, 2014 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Main Library at 101 E Franklin. To pre-register please click here.

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