Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jambo! Akwaaba! Hetepu! Alafia! Greetings!

Umoja Temple is a community where our mission is to create a space for the understanding of, appreciation for and participation in the various spiritual and cultural traditions of Africans throughout the Diaspora. To that end we gather once a month on second Sunday sharing our homes with each other while seeking to heal ourselves while celebrating our ancestors, elders, ourselves and our children. If you are interested in joining us please email and we will include you on our email updates to let you know of the location of each Second Sunday gathering.

 In celebration of Black love, marriages and families Umoja Temple supports Black Marriage Day RVA, which is in it's 9th year of celebration this year.  Black Marriage Day RVA supports the national Black Marriage Day initiative founded by Nisa Muhammed.  This year we will be, by inviting keynote speakers, Mwalimu Bomani Baruti and his wife, Yaa Baruti of Ankoben House out of Atlanta.

Please visit the Black Marriage Day RVA 2016 page to find out more information about BMD this year and to pre-register for the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!